Hunter Wellington Boots

By the time you have finished reading this article you will hopefully understand my obsession and need for a pair of these wellington boots. HUNTER has finally made its way to South Africa. These practical yet fashionable boots will never let you down. Here’s some more information about HUNTER.

Wellington boot > Chiefly British. A waterproof boot of rubber or sometimes leather reaching to below the knee and worn in wet or muddy conditions

The Hunter brand has become a symbol of British country life and celebrity fashion. Designed over 150 years ago, Hunter wellington boots were created to conquer Britain’s rugged and unpredictable weather.

Now firmly established as a fashion brand beloved by Hollywood celebrities, the classic Hunter boot range offers an ever-increasing collection of rubber and leather footwear to suit urban fashion and country living.

Known today as the ‘original’ Wellington, Hunter has stood for quality and comfort since Henry Lee Norris began his boot making company in 1856. Committed to fit, comfort, durability and performance Hunter wellington boots bear 2 rare and coveted stamps of approval of the royal family.

One Hunter wellington tall boot is made from 28 individual parts. Each part is individually tailored and assembled by hand to support specific parts of the foot, calf and ankle. Hunters continue to be made and finished by hand from natural rubber. It is this attention to detail and the dedicated craftsmanship that makes each and every Hunter boot so special.

As the brand has expanded, Hunter has added an extensive range of accessories to create a distinctive Hunter look. Customers can personalize their wellingtons with a warm and cozy Hunter fleece welly sock. Socks are sold separately and are available in an array of colors, fabrics and faux furs.

The Hunter range has expanded into collaborations with top brands such as Jimmy Choo, Carnaby and Argyll. Throughout the years Hunter continues to maintain its concrete position as a purveyor of key fashion footwear and accessories through all seasons.